What's New?

July 2009

Increases in the price of 'basics' such as film, processing, mounting and framing mean that I have increased the price of my Limited Edition Prints. Open Edition Prints are maintained at less than £50.00.

I am sometimes asked "why are your prints more expensive than some other photographers that I see on the web?" Well first a question; "do you like MY pictures? Do you say 'wow' - or 'that is beautiful.''' All artists - and photographers are artists - see the world differently. Photographers interpret what they see and strive to capture their unique interpretation using photography as their medium. As in any other form of art, choice of materials plays a key part in creating both the image and the quality that you see in the finished picture. So, I value my art. But there is more, and this is possibly the answer for some people who question the price. The journey to a location costs quite a lot of money and few of my pictures have been created at the first visit; the special qualities of the light that I need are rarely common. So some pictures may take several visits and several years to actually make. Then, when the light is good, the actual costs of the film I use is £6.00 per sheet and a minimum of 2 sheets are needed for one picture. And then, the actual cost of the materials used in making the framed Limited Edition Prints is around £125.00; and then add postage. There you have it; if price is important, you have just found a better bargain than you will find in your supermarket trolley. And a Limited Edition Print will give you years of pleasure and possibly appreciate in value.

July 2009

The Bradenham event was a great success. Lots of visitors to the exhibition of prints and some happy new clients too. The local 'Park Wood' picture - you'll find it in the Chilterns Gallery - was especially popular as prints and greetings cards. Also, a bit of a red face for me; Nigel, the Vicar of Bradenham Church, gently informed me that I have spelled incorrectly the dedicated saint's name. There is no 'ar' in the saint's name which is St. Botolph.

June 2009

On Saturday 4th July, I am exhibiting some of my pictures at The National Trust’s Bradenham Manor, Bradenham, Buckinghamshire. The event runs from 13.00 until 17.00. I will be showing some latest work and an inexpensive way for creating framed Open Edition prints.

June 2009

Well, the new website is making really good progress and I'm putting myself on a disciplinary warning for delaying the web-designer Brian Coult. The trouble is, I have just beeen so busy. And that's no excuse for not updating this site and that's what I've done again.

There is a new Gallery section - 'Framed Prints' - which tries to answer the question 'What does a framed Limited Edition Print look like?'
Well, have a look at the 4 new pictures; these are not yet in the main Gallery so the new 'Framed Prints' gallery gets a bit of a coup here or should that be 'Coo, they look wonderful'. I'll be adding some comments from customers too; well why not? I promise that anyone who buys any of my pictures or cards will get a full refund if they are unhappy with their purchse and as I've never had a customer ask me to take back a print, why not share the messages.

May - June 2009

Do you like the cow header? She was a great subject - such character and she is clearly appreciating my photographic skills. Or maybe hoping that I'd step backwards into something rather unpleasant and leave her alone.

May was a wonderful month for bluebells as well as the coast in south Wales. So, some new pictures are being added.
June is now going to be busy on this website as progress on the design of the new website is taking much longer than I had anticipated.
So, until the new site is up-and-running, this website is going through a metamorphis and overhaul and there will be lots of new pictures, articles - who knows, maybe a Blog too - and there will be details of some unique PhotoCoach workshops. All are being added as the website is refreshed. As you can see, the new look has started and there are new pictures to enjoy in each of the galleries. And I've ventured into the dangerous world of bits and megabits so you'll find some digital pictures here too. So, lots to achieve, and I'm looking forward to it.

March 2009

The new website should be along any-time soon. The best laid plans.............
The good news is that my efforts with html paid off so this section should be OK. This month I will be back on the coast in South Wales - always a source of inspiration and always changing. I could go back there a million times and each would be different. I'm also heading for the Pilgrim Father's stomping ground in South Buckinghamshire to capture some of the history that surrounds the founding figure of Pennsylvania one William Penn. He's still fondly spoken of in Philadelphia where there was, and still may be, a law that says no building can be higher than Willy Penn's hat. And as he sits on top of one of the older buildings in Philadelphia, that keeps the scale of buildings to a more human levels.

February 2009

This web site seems to be creaking at the seams so if this News section looks odd, it's because I'm struggling with the html codes.
The new web site is almost there. There are new pictures and details of 4 new photography workshops. These workshops are labeled PhotoCoach workshops. What is PhotoCoach? Well, the meaning of the 'Photo' bit is pretty obvious; to find out why 'Coach' have at look in the About Me section.
Did you notice that Christmas happened again in December and slowed things down. I must remember this for 2009.

December 2008

Well a lot of things are new - it just took ages to update this section. Trips to Scotland, the commissions and of course the Chilterns in best Autumn colours, have been the main subjects recently. More about Scotland and a great workshop in a later posting. One new pic has sneaked into the Chilterns Gallery - more will follow.
The garden commission is now finished and we are now designing a page-a-day calendar from the pictures; yes, there were more than 365 pictures! I will be adding some of the pictures to a new gallery.
The Ricoh 100 - I still have to 'test it' against the Canon 5D - has been giving some great results. A great camera.
More of my pictures have been used to illustrate a new company's web site and their very posh brochure. You can see them at Red 10 People Development.

Final 'What's New' is that I'm developing a new website which will be on-line in January. I'm working with a brilliant web designer, Brian Coult, who has expertise in building websites for photographers. More news in January.

May 2008

It's Bluebell season and I will be out there at dawn & dusk. Asheridge is high on my list - and on the list of hundreds of other photographers too - as well as more local beech woods. And, one of the 3 commissions which resulted from my Lambent Light exhibition 'happens' this month. A client has aked me to create some pictures of her rather wonderful garden. My plan is to start the shoot at around 5.30am so I guess that the early bird will be lucky to get the worm - I claim it! A second commission - pictures of Frinton-on-Sea - is also planned for May / June. Having watched a recent TV programme on Frinton, I will be taking extra care to ensure that I have an escape plan.

Techy stuff:- The Ricoh 100GX has been a constant companion - a very capable camera, especially for close up / macro shots. Auto focusing is a bit slow so if you are in a hurry, the RAW file writing speed of 10 seconds per shot is likley to give you high blood pressure! Luckily, I'm taking the tablets. But that aside, here's an example of a hand-held shot made whilst controlling a 5-month old Boxer puppy who was bouncing around on the end of her leash! It says much about the Ricoh's image stability feature.
I will be doing a field test of the Ricoh vs the Canon 5D and some of the results will be on the site in August. I will be focusing - sorry - on what the results actually look like on the monitor and on an A3 print rather than trying to get technical with the likes of lpmm test charts. I'm a photographer and I am not interested in what sometimes seems like technical gobbledegook.
I have also just added the 20mm converter lens to the Rocoh. In the good old days of 35mm film, I always seemed to see the world through a 21mm Zuiko so the 20mm converter lens will be an interesting tool to use.

In April, I was lucky enough to make time to go to 2 exhibitions; the Vanity Fair exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery is quite amazing. In addition to my addiction to Bluebells, I love b&w fashion / portrait photography; this exhibition has it all; the glamour of Hollywood from the 1920's through to the grittiness of Helmut Newton in the 90's.
The second exhibition was David Ward & Anna Booth's Landscape Beyond at the OXO tower. A great opportunity to meet some old friends and make new promises to meet up and make some pictures, and to stand in front of some stunning images. The minimilism of David's 'Empty Sea', 'Sand Pattern Durness', and 'Strangles Cornwall' are quite breath-taking and infinite. Anna's graphic 'Frosted Lamp Nevada' her perspective defying 'Sand & Mud Patterns Sossusviei' and Renaissance-like 'Invading Sand Kolmanskop' were equally stunning. A wonderful exhibition which has also challenged my current choice of Ciba/Ilfochrome for my prints. David and Anna's choice of inkjet prints - some as large as 48" x 60" and that's 1200mm x 1500mm in new money - was inspired; the quality of the prints was outstanding even at nose-to-the-print distance. If you missed the exhibition, do buy David's book Landscape Beyond which has several of his exhibition pictures and lots of ideas that make your brain hurt! Landscape Beyond is a book that I strongly recommend.

February 2008

Do you have those times when your best laid plans - or are they intentions - get splattered by life? Nothing too serious but you find yourself asking 'where did all the time go?' Well, it happened to me in December and January; the splattering effect was enhanced by the fact that I had just acquired a Ricoh 100GX camera and a 210mm lens for the large format and I had plans to use them. I'll be using the Ricoh as a viewfinder / compositional device for the 5" x 4". The Ricoh has been used and promises to be a great addition to the 20kg backpack! The 210 is still in it's box.

Plans for February are mixed; The South Coast is a must before the position of the rising & setting sun move too far to the North and locally, the gravestones of the dogs owned by the Disreali family. I also have 'pencilled in' a trip to the Highlands; Culnacraig is a repeat of November's visit which was disappointing weatherwise so this inspirational landscape beckons.

Developing Vision & Style really does live up to its title. There's lots to look at and simply enjoy - some truely magnificent pictures - and some thought provoking commentary. What is Vision? What is your Style? You do have one whether or not you see it for yourself. I believe that WHO YOU ARE fuels your Vision of the world and partly dictates your style. But more of these thoughts in March.

November 2007 - What happened to September & October!!

Well, 'Developing Vision & Style' has now arrived in the bookshops and looks certain to be even more popular and valuable to photographers than 'Working the Light'. I think that both books are essential reading for anyone who photographs the landscape.

I have made some new images of Marlow and a week long trip to Northwest Scotland with Joe Cornish and Richard Childs will hopefully result in some good pictures. Hopefully? Well the weather was foul for most of the week and my first mountain climb to the summit of Stac Pollaidh was dampened by cloud and aching legs. Fortunately, I had the support of very patient and experienced climbers Ken & Nicky.
Watch the galleries pages for the new pictures.

Holy Island - Pilgrims
August 2007 - Developing Vision & Style

More of my photographs have been selected by Joe Cornish, Charlie Waite, David Ward & Eddie Ephraums for inclusion in their new book 'Developing Vision & Style' which will be available in September 2007.

3rd July - 22nd July 2007 - Lambent Light Exhibition.

Wycombe Swan Art Gallery, High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire.

From 3rd - 22nd July, the Wycombe Swan Art Gallery is showing an exhibition of outstanding large format landscape photography by Chilterns based photographer, Richard Holroyd. The exhibition is free and is open during the Swan Theatre’s afternoon & evening opening times.

If you can't get to the exhibition, you can see the pictures in the Galleries pages.

At the exhibition – ‘Lambent Light’ – you will see large format photographs that capture in beautiful lighting, the Chilterns, Heritage Coast and beyond the Channel Tunnel.

Many of Richard’s photographs have been published in books, calendars and greetings cards. The front cover image and 5 other pictures were chosen for a new book - ‘Working the Light – a Landscape Photographers Masterclass’ by internationally acclaimed photographers Joe Cornish, Charlie Waite & David Ward.

Joe Cornish

Pier towards the Horizon, Whitby

"An extremely elegant and sparse picture with a precisely drawn sense of line. It's very asymetrical and yet there is something perfect about it."

David Ward

"Perfection comes from balance, the exclusion of the unwanted or distracting elements. There is nothing in this image that feels out of place."

Charlie Waite
Budle Bay

"There are lovely flecks of pink distributed throughout the grass, giving it a feeling of cats fur that is so fantastic. This picture is so enjoyable to look at that it almost defies efforts to intellectualise it. It has a lovely painterly quality. it is not dramatic and yet it is hugely so."

Lambent adj.

(of a flame or a light) playing on the surface with a soft radiance but without burning.

(of the sky, eyes etc) softly radiant

(of wit etc) lightly brilliant

June 2007
Naphill Village Fete 2007

A new Gallery to include photgraphs from my village's 2007 Fete. The theme this year was 'Pantomime Characters' and there are some magnificent characters. Look out for the Dark Princess.

The Red Arrows - YES the REAL Red Arrows - and the Hurricane & Spitfire fly-past was a triumph for the Fete Organisers. A bit of a challenge for next year then!